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Client Spotlight

7 Questions with Carol Shick

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Santa Rosa in Northern California I moved to Santa Barbara, CA in 1982 SantaBarbaraTraining

How did you become interested in and how long have you been doing Outrigger Paddling? I used to live up on the Mesa in Santa Barbara in 1984 and would run on the beach with my dog during the Spring/Summer. I would see these outrigger canoes go out through the surf near the Yacht Club at Catamaran Beach and it got my curiosity. I would watch them practice up and down the coast and so decided one summer to walk up to the guy on the beach who looked like he was in charge and asked how I could be a part of this.. He looked at me, told me to take off my shoes, handed me a paddle and said “get in.” I was instantly hooked and have been paddling outrigger canoes and racing ever since.. about 28 years now.

What Motivates/Inspires/Determines you to train and push your self to your limits? The end result. Seeing the rewards of hard work I put into my sport. I’m competitive by nature so I train with the goal of performing at my best “that day” and to see the rewards of that effort, no matter how hard it is.

How has your training at Conditioning Specialists helped you to prepare for Molokai/Outrigger season? Well for one, CS helped me to achieve the sport specific muscle building and anaerobic training I needed this season to compete at an elite level in the world class outrigger canoe race across the Kaiwi channel from Molokai to Oaha - the Na Wahine O Kei Kai (Women of the Sea). This race is the cream of the crop of outrigger racing.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? For this year, it was the setting and meeting what I perceive as ominous fitness goals for me at age 50. CS was a big part of the support network I needed to do that. They pushed, encouraged, monitored my fitness needs, and supported me through the last 12 months so I compete at my very best to be able to medal at the Na Wahine O Ke Kai. It was an amazing ride and well worth all the hard training. I’m a better trained athlete now than I have ever been.

How do you balance your time with a full time job, an intense training and paddling schedule? You just do it. Somehow it works out. Your body and mind always know what you need. You just have to listen to it and then give a little here or a little less there as necessary to keep balanced. It’s hard, but you just do it.

If you could give our readers one health tip, what would it be? Relieve stress! Take 15-20 minutes every day and “pause”… to smell the flowers, feel the wind in your hair, listen to the ocean waves crashing on the shore, hold a baby, watch a spectacular sunset, whatever works for you to free your mind from the fast past and hectic lifestyle we lead, and the stressors of everyday life and routine.. “Pausing” to take in and appreciate these peaceful moments can relieve stress and contribute to your overall good health.