Conditioning Specialists is the leading personal training studio for Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, and Hope Ranch. Our personal trainers specialize in sports conditioning, weight loss, diet, nutrition, and lasting results. We work as a team in our private Santa Barbara personal training studio focusing on overall wellness and care of each individual. We also take pride as fitness professionals in giving back to the Santa Barbara community. Read the testimonials on our site and on independent sites - they speak for themselves. We look forward to working with you on your health, fitness, and wellness goals.


What we Like to see

Good health is the best investment we could have and we need to do extra effort to keep it for there is nothing can compare in the wealth of health. One of the best ways you can do is to choose fitness eqipments that will give the utmost health benefits and undenying results without hurting your dear pockets. Here are the things that we like in Conditioning Specialists - grab them and see the difference.

Santa Barbara Personal Training Superbands
Montecito Personal Training Aeromat Fitness Mat
Santa Barbara Personal Training TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack
Montecito Personal Training PB Elite Foam Rollers Text Here
Santa Barbara Personal Training Sissel Pro Stability Ball
Montecito Personal Training Airex Balance Pads
Santa Barbara Personal Training Non-Bouncing Medicine Balls
Montecito Personal Training Bosu Pro Trainer
Santa Barbara Personal Training Exercise Bands (Mini-Bands)
Montecito Personal Training 16'' Wobble Board
Santa Barbara Personal Training Exercise Tubing With Handles
Montecito Personal Training Gliding Discs
Santa Barbara Personal Training StretchRite
Montecito Personal Training Dyna Disc Plus