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Apprenticeship Program

Welcome to the Conditioning Specialists apprenticeship program, Santa Barbara's elite Fitness and Wellness studio. Showing interest in this apprenticeship means that you are dedicated to creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself and the community. CS offers a top-notch program for student apprentices to complete while continuing education and practical applications of exercise. We are looking for ambitious, hard-working students that want to gain the best experience and knowledge and participate in hands-on training techniques. Learn from the top trainers in Santa Barbara, pick up lifelong skills that will optimize your fitness career, and have the opportunity to become a top professional in the industry.

All applications are welcome, and Conditioning Specialists stresses the high-competency within this program. While we would love to present this wonderful opportunity to everyone interested, space is limited. Please provide us with all former experience, a resume, and the application in order to be considered. We urge you to continue your passion toward your career and hope to meet you soon. Best of luck!

Download the application here.

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*Conditioning Specialists accepts all applications at all times by email or hand delivery.

The Conditioning Specialists apprenticeship program is designed to provide the best education and fitness design program for all students. It is committed to making you the best professional possible and requires the following commitments from all apprentices:

  • A total of 200 apprenticeship hours divided proportionately among various tasks, procedures, and education processes.
  • Shadow veteran personal trainers for a minimum of 8 hours per week and you must accrue a minimum of 40 hours of observation.
  • Keep a log of exercise ideas, techniques used, motivational cues, personality attributes, administrative duties etc. Submit a copy of all notes to manager.
  • Work out in the studio to learn all pieces of equipment, get acquainted with the staff, and gain a sense of comfort within Conditioning Specialists.
  • Watch multiple fitness and assessment DVDs in order to learn about the human anatomy system and the way that the body moves and works.
  • Study and review the books/manuals in the training resource library-these include equipment, nutrition, and anatomy books as well.
  • Attend all studio and training meetings to gain a sense of the Conditioning Specialists team.
  • Create programs for clients and learn how to implement exercises and routines that suit each individual.
  • Gain actual training experience with one-on-one clients, learn business strategies, and sales etiquette when conducting consultations, assessments, and complimentary sessions.
  • Be familiar with manually stretching clients, conducting sport-specific training sessions, and creating conditioning sessions for a range of clients.
  • Learn to and administer a fit test.
  • Memorize and understand the meaning of all key concepts and words valuable in fitness and healthy living.
  • Get involved with all extra-curricular activities
  • Learn clients, trainers, and staff members’ names and backgrounds and develop relationships with everyone in and around the Conditioning Specialists family.
  • Understand all administrative duties involving payments, scheduling, and safety guidelines.
  • Have scheduled meetings with the Apprenticeship Director with all notes and reports of progress and work being conducted.
  • Take responsibility in scheduling training sessions with the Apprenticeship Director to gain service and business strategy guidelines.
  • Pass your apprenticeship examination at the end of your 200 completed hours with a score of 80% or above and complete your practical test as well.