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Corporate Wellness

Montecito Personal Training The Conditioning Specialists Corporate Wellness Program is designed to fill the health and fitness needs of any company, large or small. It offers a creative, comprehensive programs to produce a positive and healthy work environment. Through Corporate Wellness, we inspire, motivate, and build camaraderie amongst co-workers, while incorporating the benefits of healthy eating and exercising. Enjoy good-natured competition within your place of work, or participate all together. We understand the long hours and stress that work can bring about, so we have come up with a program that is stress-free, flexible, and educational. Your company can enjoy any of the following benefits of the Conditioning Specialists Corporate Wellness Program:

  • One-on-one professional consultation to gauge how your body works and responds most positively
  • Lunchtime presentations including topics such as:
  • "But I Don't Have Time to Exercise..."
  • “Eating in the Workplace”
  • "Maintaining a Healthy Routine and Staying Motivated"
  • Group classes offered during the evenings
  • Group outdoor walking/running sessions offered to each team twice a week
  • Progress reports including weight and measurements
  • Cohesive group training session once a week

The Conditioning Specialists Corporate Wellness Program not only provides excellent sources of motivation and encouragement, but it also can improve work conditions such as reduced absenteeism, stress and anxiety, and employee turnover, increased productivity, company morale, and quality employees, and an overall sense of healthier, happier living.

This exciting 6-week program creates a positive group environment and incorporates personal programs with high-energy challenges and weekly activities. The CS Corporate Wellness Program ensures professional health and fitness advice and attention, and therefore the program dedicates a full 6 weeks to your company with anywhere from 10-40 employees.

Book your corporation today. Conditioning Specialists devotes each 6-week period to your company. If you are interested or need more information please email or call (805)569-0050. Let you and your co-workers begin to experience life-changing results and new outlooks-we promise to give you the tools to continue your transformation well beyond 6 weeks!

We've had many satisfied clients come through our corporate wellness program. Listen to the following...

I first heard about Conditioning Specialists from a friend who was taking part in the Corporate Wellness program. She raved about the trainers, the workouts, the friendly competition and the results. I then contacted the studio, hoping to be added to the list of interested participants. I was sure the waiting list would be months long. I was wrong. I was contacted a week later! I was asked to provide information about my company and organize the names of interested candidates. I was excited when 25 colleagues responded and wanted to join the program. We were given schedules, teams and were assigned trainers. The schedule required lunchtime workouts 3 times a week with optional evening workouts as well. Uh-oh...could we handle that level of activity? I was concerned, but stayed posiitve. In addition to the workouts, we were also given health and nutrition lectures as part of the Corporate Wellness program.

I had a great time during the 6 week program and was surprised by the competitive spirit of many of my co-workers. We were all challenged and pushed to the limit. The Conditioning Specialists trainers were all very positive and encouraging, which helped us stay focused on our team and individual goals. The trainers' level of committment and their enthusiasm helped my team exceed our goals and push each other. Accountability is key when participating in a team competition and this program requires it! Anyone who is lucky enough to participate in this program will gain physical and mental strength and reap the rewards that come with performing as a team. The mental and physical toughness were always there, but this program allows participants to uncover and utilize them like never before!

Alisa J. Wilcox

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