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Soccer Conditioning Class

Working out gives people that confidence where they can carry on with their day knowing they look great and/or have reached that goal of losing weight. With the soccer specific class, it is more about seeing the results while you play the game you love the most. If you don't train the way you play, you may never see improvements with your game.

This soccer specific class will emphasize athleticism, strength, and power. Soccer involves a person being very athletic and coordinated in their locomotion and our Fitness Professional, Gustavo Hernandez, trains people to get strong but also use that strength to improve in their power. Gustavo has an extensive background in soccer and has personally seen the results that soccer specific training can have. (Learn more about Gustavo and his background)

Resuts you can expect to see:

  • More power - the more powerful you are, the most advantage you will have over your opponent.
  • Physical changes in your body - for example, loss of weight, gain in muscle, and an increase in neuromuscular efficiency (athleticism).
  • After a few classes you will begin to see improvements while playing.
  • Decrease in injury - there will be a decrease in injury because of the adaptiation they will develop during the program that will help elevate some of the demands the sport of soccer includes.
The studio at Conditioning Specialist gives a great environment for clients of all levels to succeed. Although this class is designed to be 'soccer specific', clients of all levels are encouraged to join whether they play soccer or not for an overall great workout that will give desired results! 

When: Classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm-8pm. Please call 805.569.0050 or schedule online to find out which time slots are still available.

Cost: $20/Session or $120/Month

Time: 1 hour every Monday (6pm-7pm) and Tuesday (7pm-8pm).

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