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Team Leader Program

Santa Barbara Personal Training

Help those you love and receive the recognition you deserve. Working out with others is motivating, cost effective, and fun! We bring all of these to you with our Team Leader Program.

This program is for you if...

  • You're a leader.
  • You organize and get people together.
  • You love helping others.
  • You enjoy creating win-win opportunities for yourself and those around you.

The host program allows dynamic individuals the opportunity to get free personal training. Here's how it works:

  • You are the Team Leader for your group, which means you are responsible for your group.
  • You will put a credit on your account for three sessions at the discounted bulk package rate. When sessions are used, you agree to refill those sessions before the next session. Currently sessions are only $40, but with this program, you'll receive the discounted rate of only $30.
  • A group must contain 3-4 others, not including you, who attend regularly.
    • If only two people show, then you are responsible for your payment for that session.
    • If four others show up each session for a month, then you get a reward (more than just free personal training).
  • Groups must meet regularly and provide 24 hours cancelation notice just like all other clients.

This is a great opportunity to get expert guidance, help your friends and family, and allow us to pay quality fitness professionals a reasonable rate for their education, experience, and time.

The Details:

Sessions are $40 each, but 99% of our clients buy more than 1 session at a time, so we give a discount when you purchase 12 (only $30 a session, or $360 total) to support your commitment.

Get your group together and get started ASAP while there are slots still open!

Contact us for more information: 805-569-0050