Conditioning Specialists is the leading personal training studio for Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, and Hope Ranch. Our personal trainers specialize in sports conditioning, weight loss, diet, nutrition, and lasting results. We work as a team in our private Santa Barbara personal training studio focusing on overall wellness and care of each individual. We also take pride as fitness professionals in giving back to the Santa Barbara community. Read the testimonials on our site and on independent sites - they speak for themselves. We look forward to working with you on your health, fitness, and wellness goals.


Reviews by Santa Barbara community

Richard Salas Santa Barbara Personal Training

"My name is Richard Salas and I am an commercial/underwater photographer who is 56 years old. I came to Conditioning Specialists about 3 years ago. I was the usual High School football player who had let myself go over the years and thought that I would try to get back in some kind of good shape. Over the last three years I have worked harder than I ever thought I could. Having Doug right beside me working with me the whole way with his expertise and smiling face has moved my body into being strong, flexible, and balanced beyond my wildest dreams! I originally thought I would learn what to do from Doug and then do it on my own. No way! I thought, I never drill my own teeth; I hire a professional to do it. The same holds true for working out and learning to be healthy, so I hired Doug and will continue to for the rest of my life. There have been many days when I wanted to quit, it’s not easy, but when I out dive guys 20 years my junior and look in the mirror it becomes the farthest thought from my mind. I cannot recommend Doug and his trainers more highly. It means your life!"

ASK Photography, Inc. 628 Olive Street Santa Barbara, California 93101


Montecito Personal Training Brian Sutton, MS, Educator for the National Academy of Sports Medicine

"Doug Holt's programs have drastically changed my life. I have learned not only how to exercise, but also why certain exercises work and others don't.

His programs are tailored to the individuals needs. His programs help me to gain size and strength without losing flexibility, agility or stamina needed for peak athletic performance. I highly recommend Doug Holt's programs to any on the market today."


Santa Barbara Personal Training Lisa Guadagno - SVP HR at HSBC

"I have been working with Doug at Conditioning Specialists for a year and I have truly noticed a difference in my flexibility, agility and stamina. As a runner, I needed to build strength to prevent injury. Doug developed a customized program for me that has helped achieve this goal. Given my hectic travel schedule, which prevents me from exercising with him as regularly as I would like, Doug has shared several specific exercises that I can take “on the road”. In addition to Doug’s multiple national certifications and incredible knowledge of fitness, he has an incredible approach that is both comfortable and professional. Doug’s programs are creative, challenging and produce excellent results. I highly recommend Doug."


Montecito Personal Training Barbara Byrge, Computer Resource Specialist II

"Doug Holt made me feel really comfortable about getting trained! I was a bit embarrassed at first, but he was really in tune with my current fitness abilities as well as my goals. It was important for me to train with someone who put me at ease, and Doug did just that. He gave me some useful exercises that were tailored for my fitness level, and he gave me the proper techniques I needed to get fit. I found that I was doing a lot of my workout the wrong way, but in my sessions with Doug, I learned how it should feel when you are doing it the correct way. I thought that personal trainers were just for the rich who are already in good shape, but I was wrong! Thanks Doug!"

Andrew Taylor Morris

"Doug got me on track with a routine that was manageable. The results have been remarkable; I look and feel great. He is extremely knowledgeable about physiology, diet and exercise, and continues to help me achieve balance in reaching my fitness goals."


Santa Barbara Personal Training Mindy C. Hagen, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

When I went through the personal training program at UCSB, Doug was my trainer as well as a Master Instructor. At a critical time in my life, Doug as been both a mentor and an inspiration for me to achieve both my personal training goals as well as career aspirations in the fitness industry. From personal experience, I know that Doug as well as the Trainers that are part of the Conditioning Specialists team are the best in the business. Doug would not have it any other way."


Jennifer Dithridge, Founder, Fitness UnityMontecito Personal Training

"It was a pleasure to work with Doug Holt while reaching my fitness goals. His knowledge reveals years of study and his friendly personality allows him to educate his client in a supportive way. He truly wants the best for those he mentors. Doug always offers a new and fresh circuit during each session- he likes to keep the body guessing! I understand how daunting it can be to choose a personal trainer, one must consider the trainer's philosophies, styles, costs, etc. Doug is the most efficient trainer I have met- you need less sessions because you get more accomplished. I highly recommend Doug Holt to anyone wanting to see results while having fun!"


Santa Barbara Personal Training Nikka Harvey, Founder, Zoo Mommy

“Doug's superior knowledge and professionalism as well as his friendly nudgings to go the distance has helped me tremendously in working towards and attaining my fitness goals by utilizing a personalized fitness regime that fits perfectly with my body structure.”


Santa Barbara Personal Training David Evans

"I found myself at that place where I’m sure several others have been--

I’m approaching middle-age but don’t act it and don’t want to look it I wasn’t in the shape I once was and didn’t like how I looked and felt I never really had great results joining a gym and trying to get fit on my own And I had actually hurt myself trying to lift on my own without really knowing what I was doing. Armed with the goal of getting fit and fending off potential middle-age health problems and a shallow goal of looking better than my friends at my 50th I started looking for a personal trainer. It turned out to be easier than I thought with Conditioning Specialists right around the corner from my office. I found the space to be just what it advertised—a personal gym with specialized trainers. After studying the web site I was so impressed with Doug’s list of credentials and certifications that I decided to set up an appointment. His education and dedication to his field is only the beginning, he has a great bench-side-manner that has made getting into shape actually fun. I have never been made to feel embarrassed about my fitness level or body fat level. Every workout is designed (at least it feels that way) just for me and my goals and we work on exercises I can take to the gym or on the road when I travel. I feel Doug and team are giving me their all and I’m giving it my best shot too (sticking with it and eating right). At age 50 I have never been stronger and in better shape and yes I looked a heck of a lot better than all my friends at my birthday. "


Santa Barbara Personal Training Sue Alvarado, CPA, Santa Barbara

"When I began training with Doug I was on the verge of abandoning my weight training routine, as it had become boring and stagnant. Doug has renewed my commitment to strength training. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to tailor workouts to your individual needs and goals. He has kept me focused on my fitness goals and inspired me to attain them. Doug’s friendly personality and great smile enhance his outstanding technical abilities. I continue to work with Doug regularly."


Santa Barbara Personal Training Paul Davies - Santa Barbara, CA

“I've been working with Doug for 3 months for The Santa Barbara Triathlon and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Doug is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, but at the same time makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Doug will lead you every step of the way!

Thank you Doug, you are the best!"


Santa Barbara Personal Training Cora Thompson, Head Volleyball Coach and Athletic Scheduling Coordinator, Tufts University

“I have known Erin professionally for about 10 years Erin is an incredibly positive, inspiring and motivating. She is hardworking, passionate about what she does, and truly has an interest in the progress of her clients. Erin worked closely with one of my collegiate athletes who had nothing but the best things to say about Erin and I saw the results first hand as this player dominated her competition on the volleyball court. I was most impressed with Erin's interest in WHO my player was taking the extra time to call me and talk about how we could help motivate and drive this player to reach her goals. Her investment is second to none and I would not hesitate to highly recommend her."


Montecito Personal Training Carol Shick

“I hired Erin to train me accomplish a sports specific athletic goal. I needed someone I would rely on to keep track of and monitor my progress and performance over an 8 month period of time to ensure improvement. She implemented the best plan for my goal, and was, aside from my personal motivation and desire, the main reason I achieved a winning performance. She works at a high level of integrity and professionalism, yet also has a inspiring fun and energizing personality that makes you want to push harder and perform better. Erin's coaching/training skills reap amazing result and rewards.”


Andra Wilson

“Erin is an expert in her field. Her programs are creative, challenging, and produce excellent results. I was extremely satisfied with the personal training program she provided and her ability to motivate me to reach my potential. I highly recommend Erin!”


Joanne Bolduc MS, NC, CSN

"Having worked with Erin, I know first hand her enthusiasm and comprehension of the fitness industry. I would recommend Erin to anyone looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer who makes getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey!"


Montecito Personal Training Perry Parker

"Erin makes each workout a challenge but also manages to make it fun. She definetly pushes me to personal limits but understands when to lighten up. I highly recommend Erin's work!”


Montecito Personal Training Rebecca Sweeney

"I started training with Erin to help resolve a problem with my back. Not only did my back problem go away, my fitness level was at it's best ever! Erin's knowledge and committment to staying on the cutting edge of training techniques makes her one of the top fitness professionals in the Santa Barbara area. I highly recommend her."


Montecito Personal Training Suzy Cawthon

"Erin trained my daughter and I for over a year. She is a consummate professional. She customizes workouts to provide maximum benefits to her individual clients. She is incredibly personable and made coming to work out something to look forward to. I highly recommend her."


Montecito Personal Training Noelle Burkey

"Erin sets a specialized workout routine for each individual. From the very young to the very old, she is able to provide the means to help recover from injuries, to strength and endurance train, and to gain mobility. Erin is extremely honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend her services to maintain or increase the quality of life through physical fitness."


Montecito Personal Training Peter Biava

"Erin is a top-notch Fitness Professional. Her tough gritty style mixed with her expertise of fitness, diet, and technique make her an excellent trainer."


Allison Knode

"Erin is a highly skilled strength and conditioning coach with superb ability to multitask and motivate others. She is easy to work with and responsible with maintaining her clientele and running the business aspect of training."


Mary O'Neill

"The mobility class that Erin leads has been a godsend. She challenges each of us. I know my health has improved significantly and the additional strength that I now have in my back and neck saved me from being seriously injured in a recent car accident. I now consider the class a necessity."


Montecito Personal Training Garrett Kababik

How would you decribe Erin Desharnais? "Great Results, Personable, High Integrity"


Montecito Personal Training Jaima Dillard

Conditioning Specialists is awesome! I came to them to help with a back issue that I have been having, and they did not disappoint.! They take great care and time to cater to your needs and work around any health or fitness issues you may have, even helping you with your diet. They make you feel right at home so you feel comfortable giving all your energy to each and every workout! I feel as though i’m working out with a friend which makes it that much enjoyable. I was able to get back to the things I love because of them. I’m more healthy and fit than I have been in awhile! If you value your health I strongly recommend contacting them right now, they have a number of programs and different training combinations available! ”


Linda Perkins

“With our busy schedules juggling work and kids, my husband and I struggle to find time to spend together, so we make our workouts at Conditioning Specialist our set "dates". We love our time at Condioning Specialist and it's making us stronger physically and emotionally. We highly recommend it to our friends for personal training, group training, and even for dates!”


Aaron H.

“I've never regretted my decision to work with Doug Holt and the rest of the folks at Conditioning Specialists. I discovered Conditioning Specialists on the Internet and I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked in for my initial consultation. What I found was an amazing mix of confidence, experience, knowledge, and humility. Doug listened to my goals, gave me the tools and encouragement I needed to achieve them, and held me responsible for my own success. I am now in the best shape of my life, I feel great, and I am confident that it will stick. I found a great trainer at Conditioning Specialists, and a great friend, that I cannot recommend highly enough.”


Dr. Katz

“I started off training with Doug Holt, the owner, for several months. My goals were typical for being a woman of my age and Doug was very sensitive to my needs. His education level shows not only in his bio, which was impressive, but also in the calm manner he approaches the sessions. I had to change my schedule and Doug was booked, so I agreed to go with another one of his trainers, who I fell in love with! Doug and her worked together to make sure that I didn't miss a beat and having a woman to work with was great; especially knowing that Doug was overseeing everyone in the facility. I can't recommend Doug and his great team enough. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself by taking care of yourself with the best professionals I've ever encountered. Thank you guys!”


Mara B. - DPT

“As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I refer all my patients to the team at Conditioning Specialists. Their level of education, experience, and professionalism is second to none. I highly recommend Conditioning Specialists for your fitness needs. If you are in the Santa Barbara area, take advantage of their services."


Kiah Jordan

The best trainers and best workouts I've had. I've been going to Conditioning Specialists for over a year and workout with a few different trainers in group sessions. In an hour I get a full body workout and have seen the results improve my performance as an athlete on the field."



“Doug and his team are upbeat and professional. The workouts are varied and sometimes intense - I'm certainly never bored. I was teamed up with two, or sometimes three, other people and this made the cost very reasonable. I have lost weight, gained muscle and look better in the buff than ever before! I intend to keep going."



Small Group Programs I decided to put my New Year fitness resolutions into action for a change. I chose Conditioning Specialists because of their level of professionalism. All the classes are described very well on the web site. Pricing structure worked into my budget and the level of education shown by their trainers during the ongoing course of my training is second to none. I book my classes on line but when I needed further information, they responded quickly to phone calls with the pertinent information I requested. I also have never had a gym call, text or email me during my work week to share nutritional information or ask how I was feeling physically.. The are the best!"



Amazing trainers, great gym! I found out about Conditioning Specialists through their corporate conditioning program, and I am so glad that I did! All the trainers are incredible; they are knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic. I have worked out a lot in the past, but this was beyond anything I've done before. My trainer completely tailored what we did to my body and skill level, and I feel better than I have in years! Check out this gym - it is an SB gem!"



Best Personal Training in SB!!! Conditioning Specialists is a great place to fit in your workout if you can't get outdoors. Working with one of their knowledgeable trainers, you will get the BEST workout of your life! They also have on staff some of the best Massage Therapists in town...Treat yourself!"



The Best! Conditioning Specialists gives off a warm feeling from the second you step in the door. All of the trainers are friendly and knowledgeable, and they give you the feeling that they really want the best for you. It is refreshing to get such personal and dedicated help from people who seem to truly love what they do. I recommend the studio whole-heartedly!"


Vanessa Angiuli

Montecito Personal Training When I first came to Conditioning Specialists, I had no idea what to expect. As an Italian girl from New York, the idea of giving up my favorite foods seemed pretty miserable at the time. The problem with "eating healthy" nowadays is that most people don't really understand what that concept means -- and I didn't! I knew it was time for a change -- I wanted to be confident and see REAL results. Conditioning specialists provided me with personalized workouts and dietary guidelines that I was able to use at school and when I traveled. Located in the heart of sunny Santa Barbara, it's hard not to stay on your fitness grind -- but some days, if I wasn't motivated enough, Erin would work out with me! I lost 20lbs in one year and thanks to the Conditioning Specialists team, I am able to keep it off for good.


Ari Echt 

I am neither an early morning person nor a workout person, yet I keep showing up for the early morning workouts with the Conditioning Specialists. Had it not been for their first class staff and comfortable environment, I would never have stuck it out.


Santa Barbara personal training and personal trainers. These personal trainers know nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and diets. You can't find a better fit in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, or at home for personal training.