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Erin Holt

Santa Barbara Personal Trainer"I am a bridge that helps connect one side to another!"

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Erin found her passion for the outdoors and an active lifestyle at an early age. She grew up a competitive athlete playing soccer, basketball, track, and softball, and it was through her love of sports and the outdoors that she realized her passion for health and fitness. Erin believes being active has a deep personal impact on all aspects of people's lives. Through her work as a Strength Coach/Personal Trainer she is given the opportunity to have a positive impact on people's lives everyday and strives to inspire and empower people to believe in themselves. Erin has a high awareness and understanding of what her clients need and presents a program in a way that engages them.

She studied Exercise Physiology at the University of New Hampshire and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Professional (TPI). Prior to moving to Santa Barbara, Erin worked at elite facilities in Boston and New Hampshire training professional, collegiate, high school, and weekend warrior athletes. She collaborated with orthopedic doctors and physical therapists to design comprehensive training and rehabilitative programs for her clients. She has continued to build upon this integrated approach working with experts across the fields of sports medicine, fitness, nutrition, and wellness to provide the best possible support for her clients with the goal of providing unsurpassed training and education to empower others to reach their highest potentials.

She is an avid outdoor enthusiast, and when she is not training you can find her summiting 14,000' mountains, backpacking, camping, trail running, hiking, biking, sailing, kayaking, or traveling. Volunteering has also been a huge part of Erin's life and she is extremely passionate about all facets of health and wellness, volunteering in local schools and serving on the Board of Safe Water International. Her passion and care for the wellbeing of others is evident in all she does – from the gym to the school yard, the trails, and to the stadium.


Testimonials on Erin's Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Rehabilitation


Andra Wilson

" “Erin is an expert in her field. Her programs are creative, challenging, and produce excellent results. I was extremely satisfied with the personal training program she provided and her ability to motivate me to reach my potential. I highly recommend Erin!”


Cora Thompson, Head Volleyball Coach and Athletic Scheduling Coordinator, Tufts University

" “ “I have known Erin professionally for about 10 years Erin is an incredibly positive, inspiring and motivating. She is hardworking, passionate about what she does, and truly has an interest in the progress of her clients. Erin worked closely with one of my collegiate athletes who had nothing but the best things to say about Erin and I saw the results first hand as this player dominated her competition on the volleyball court. I was most impressed with Erin's interest in WHO my player was taking the extra time to call me and talk about how we could help motivate and drive this player to reach her goals. Her investment is second to none and I would not hesitate to highly recommend her.” ”


Perry Parker

" Erin makes each workout a challenge but also manages to make it fun. She definetly pushes me to personal limits but understands when to lighten up. I highly recommend Erin's work! ”


Garrett Kababik

" Great Results, Personable, High Integrity ”


Rebecca Sweeney

"I started training with Erin to help resolve a problem with my back. Not only did my back problem go away, my fitness level was at it's best ever! Erin's knowledge and committment to staying on the cutting edge of training techniques makes her one of the top fitness professionals in the Santa Barbara area. I highly recommend her."


Suzy Cawthon

" Erin trained my daughter and I for over a year. She is a consummate professional. She customizes workouts to provide maximum benefits to her individual clients. She is incredibly personable and made coming to work out something to look forward to. I highly recommend her. "


Noelle Burkey

" Erin sets a specialized workout routine for each individual. From the very young to the very old, she is able to provide the means to help recover from injuries, to strength and endurance train, and to gain mobility. Erin is extremely honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend her services to maintain or increase the quality of life through physical fitness. "


Peter Biava

"Erin is a top-notch Fitness Professional. Her tough gritty style mixed with her expertise of fitness, diet, and technique make her an excellent trainer."


Allison Knode

" Erin is a highly skilled strength and conditioning coach with superb ability to multitask and motivate others. She is easy to work with and responsible with maintaining her clientele and running the business aspect of training. "


Mary O'Neill

" The mobility class that Erin leads has been a godsend. She challenges each of us. I know my health has improved significantly and the additional strength that I now have in my back and neck saved me from being seriously injured in a recent car accident. I now consider the class a necessity. "